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Task Force member

Catherine Saire

Partner, Sustainability Services

Catherine has over 20 years of global experience providing financial and sustainability assurance services for multinational companies and advising senior management on corporate reporting as a transition tool towards a sustainable economy.

Today she assists multinational companies in embedding climate in their corporate reporting and going beyond the remits of social and environmental compliance. Focused on climate issues ranging from governance, strategy, risk and opportunities management to financial impact assessment and performance measurement, she strongly believes that companies can reconcile Profit, People and Planet for a positive impact. Her clients include non-financial companies in both developed and developing economies, in the consumer goods, communication, energy and mining sectors.

Catherine has built her career in France, Malaysia, South Africa, Singapore and Thailand and promotes partnership with all financial professionals and sustainable experts around the globe.

Her academic background includes a Master in Management, sustainability programs and finance/accounting expertise. She is a US Chartered Financial Analyst (level 3) and a French Chartered Accountant.