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TCFD Knowledge Hub

Access the TCFD Knowledge Hub at

TCFD Knowledge Hub

The TCFD launched its TCFD Knowledge Hub in collaboration with CDSB. The TCFD Knowledge Hub is a platform designed to help organizations implement the TCFD recommendations by providing over 400 relevant insights, tools and resources.

Resources include existing legislation and regulations, frameworks, standards, guidance, research papers, tools and webinars. All resources either directly address the TCFD recommendations or are related to themes or specific requirements within the TCFD recommendations. The Knowledge Hub also includes case studies and upcoming events sections.

The TCFD Knowledge Hub is accessible at

TCFD Learning Hub

The TCFD Learning Hub is an e-learning platform designed to help organisations enhance their disclosures of climate-related information.

Currently three courses are available providing an introduction to climate disclosures, a deeper dive into the TCFD recommendations and equipping accountants with skills to apply accounting principles to the disclosure of climate-related information. The courses were developed with the insight from industry experts and will be CPD accredited. Companies, investors and finance professionals can partake in courses that are self-paced and based on activity- and video-learning.

To view the e-learning courses, visit: