Implementing the Recommendations of the TCFD

The Task Force has developed guidance for companies on how they can implement the TCFD recommendations. This guidance is outlined in the Annex to the TCFD Recommendations report.

The Annex contains the following information:

  • directions on the application of the recommendations;
  • information on assessing financial impacts of climate-related risks and opportunities
  • (collectively referred to as climate-related issues);
  • recommendations and supporting recommended disclosures that describe information
  • investors, lenders, and insurance underwriters need to make economic decisions;
  • guidance that provides context and suggestions for implementing the recommendations;
  • supplemental guidance that highlights important considerations for the financial sector and
  • non-financial industries potentially most affected by climate change; and
  • alignment of the recommended disclosures with other frameworks.

TCFD Recommendations Report Annex - Implementing the Recommendations of the TCFD (June 2017)