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Bruno Bertocci

Bruno Bertocci

Managing Director, Head of Sustainable Investors
UBS Asset Management

Bruno is the Team Head of the Sustainable Equities team and is the lead Portfolio Manager of the Global Sustainable Equity Portfolio, the Global Sustainable Long Term Themes Equity Portfolio and the Global Sustainable Impact Equity Portfolio. He leads the cross-divisional sustainability marketing strategy effort and is a member of the USB Sustainability Council. He is based in Chicago.

Bruno has worked on the Sustainable Investors team and its distinctive approach and strategies since its transition from negative screening to positive screening at the end of 2007, becoming lead Portfolio Manager of the Global Sustainable Portfolio at the end of 2007.
Prior to joining UBS Asset Management in 1998, Bruno managed the global equity investment group at Stein Roe & Farnham.

Previously, his positions included regional portfolio manager and global equity portfolio manager at Rockefeller & Co. Before assuming these roles, Bruno was based in London, then Hong Kong, as manager of that firm’s foreign offices. Bruno began his career at T.Rowe Price Associates as a US equity analyst.

Bruno represents UBS on committees such as the Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings, US SIF (Social Investment Forum), and the Metrics Committee for SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board).